sociology theory paper

Sociology Theory Paper
  • You need to select a current event article (from the last six months-ish) from the New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, or Washington Post.
  • It can be one article or an ongoing story, like the crisis in Syria, the upcoming election, climate change, etc. If you choose something broader, like the election, you will probably be using several articles instead of just one.
  • Choose wisely, as this will be the topic you are working with for this paper and for the re-write. So, you want to choose something significant enough to enable you to analyze it from various theoretical perspectives. If you are unsure about which topic/story to choose, I am happy to help. If I were doing this assignment, I would probably choose an article that deals with the economy in some way or a story that has to do with inequality. With that said, I would also encourage you to be creative.
  • Read the article and make sure you know the ins and outs of the story.
  • Make sure you have done all of the Marx and Weber readings AND understand them.

Minimum 4-5 pages double spaced + a bibliography written in ASA format

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