socialization and medical care

Assignment 5.1: Write two argumentative paragraphs. In Week 4, you completed the research needed to write your essay. You gathered sources- at least one per paragraph- and created an annotated bibliography. This week, you will write two of the three argumentative paragraphs. Look at the essay outline you created last week to remind yourself which paragraphs you will write. Example Thesis: Seniors who live in elderly homes enjoy the advantages of this decision. Example Outline: Argument 1: Socialization Argument 2: Medical Care Argument 3: Constant care companion According to the example outline, I am writing Arguments 1 and 2, socialization and medical care. Now it is time to review the annotated bibliography completed Week 4. Organize the information to place within the paragraph. Example Annotated Bibliography: Argument 1: Socialization Keffle, H. “The Eefect of Living in a Nursing home on Socialization in Elderly People.” Journal of Advanced Nursing • Seniors who lived in nursing homes developed 23% greater muscle mass in six months (432). • The “relaxed state of being” is when an elderly person lives with his friends and shares their experiences. • The “anxious state of being” is when seniors live alone. Keffle’s research shows that in a sample population of 100 seniors, those who lived alone were more likely to suffer physical and psychological effects. Example Paragraph Outline Example Argument 1 Paragraph Nursing homes provide an array of activities for seniors that  benefit their quality of life. Whether it is going to the center for an ice cream or attending music night in the banquet room, seniors who live in a large group help keep each other active. In a 2012 study, researchers found that seniors who lived in nursing homes developed 23% greater muscle mass in six months (Keffler 432). Clearly, those who worry about their aging parents ought to consider the physical benefits of being social. Moreover, the social life at nursing homes helps seniors exercise their brains. Playing games, such as bingo and cards, learning to dance or cook and simply navigating the grounds force the brain to continue working. All nursing homes incorporate dynamic activities because they know it will help improve the quality and longevity of the elderly. Lastly, the friends elderly people meet in a nursing helps them discover the most valuable benefit of allcompanionship. In the Journal of Nursing, Keffle shows how regularly interacting with others who share the same experiences improves their attitude to a “relaxed state of being” while those isolated suffer an “anxious state of being” (2012). Ultimately, her study proved that seniors engaging with others were more likely to have a positive outlook on life, which increases their chances of a better life. • three different colors = three different supporting details • three sentences for each supporting detail • within-paragraph transitions- “Moreover” and “Also”-  introduce new supporting details • last sentence = concluding statement (restatement) When beginning Argument paragraph 2, make sure to use an across-paragraph transition. The purpose of an across-paragraph transition is to connect the previous paragraph to the new paragraph. It is a strategy to remind the reader of the previous paragraph’s purpose right before you begin the new paragraph. To do so, first you need to think of the relationship between the two paragraphs. In this essay, the second Argument paragraph adds an additional point in convincing the reader. Therefore, the relationship between the two paragraphs is that of a addition. The following expressions are commonly used as acrossparagraph transitions of addition: • In addition to _______ , ________________ . • ________ not only _________ but also _______ . Use the same strategies as Argument 1 to create Argument 2. • Consult your essay outline.  Example Essay Outline: Argument 1: Socialization Argument 2: Medical Care Argument 3: Constant care companion Example Paragraph Outline It’s time to write the across-paragraph transition of addition. Example Argument 2 Paragraph Seniors in nursing homes enjoy not only the benefits of social activities but also the advantages of having medical personnel on site at all times. You notice that the writing structure of Argument 1 is the same as Argument 2. The only difference is that Argument 2 begins with an across-paragraph transition of addition. Don’t forget to include quotes or paraphrases in your paragraphs. Refer to Week 4 reading chapters. Once you have written Arguments 1 and 2, upload your work to the class site. Make sure to include your working thesis.

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