social work practice 6661

Observation of Support Groups (2) different groups

Each student is required to attend the meetings of two different support groups. These may include Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-A-Teen, Alzheimer’s group etc. A list of support groups is printed each week in CONNECT, a free paper that is found at the locations throughout Savannah GA. The Savannah Morning News also carries information about local group meetings. Write a 2 page paper per group describing the group observation experience and analyze the experience according to group structure and functioning. The paper must describe the experience and must meet the following criteria:

*Briefly describe the purpose of the group

*Briefly describe the population the groups serve and the screening process used to select group members

*Briefly describe the composition of the group(race, gender, sex orientation, age)

*Describe the physical setting of the group meetings

*what was the time and meeting days/nights of the group

*was the group short-term or long term? why?

*was the group open-ended or closed? why?

*Briefly describe some of the activities used during the group sessions. Why were they chosen?

*Briefly describe the role(s0 of the group leader and the group members

Scholarly reference

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