social media marketing 6

Analyze a brand’s social media marketing posts and gauge what they appear to be doing using the tables and figures in Chapter 5. Judge whether the social media content is effective or not and explain why you feel as you do. Include screenshots as you wish to explain your answers.

1. Choose a brand and social networking site on which the brand is active.

2. Explore the brand’s social media activity and see how it relates to the following elements.

* What marketing objectives can you identify in the brand’s posts? Are there calls to action in the posts?

* Do the posts seem to take advantage of the culture of the SNS and the types of media used on the SNS?

* What experiences are used to engage the audience to participate and share the content? How effective do you think the experiences are? Which of the tactics in Table 5.3 do the posts relate to?

*Are the posts more rational or emotional, more inspiring or convincing (where on the content marketing matrix shown in Figure 5.6)?

*To what extent are the posts consistent in projecting the brand image or personality? Explain how the posts support the personality or not.

*Reverse-engineer the content strategy document that may have been developed in this brand’s SMM plan (Table 5.4).

*How do you think this brand is managing daily/weekly posts? the production of content? the workflow for participation and response?

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