Social Facilitation

     Being surrounded by enthusiastic and well-informed artists in addition to art being reasonably easy to me, has bolstered positive behaviors. Since we all have similar skills and effortless motivation to create art, I think that positive social facilitation is present here. We share ideas on organization, cheap and efficient ways of cleaning up, and artistic knowledge. Sometimes I do collaborations with other artists and we bring out each others strengths. I firmly believe that being in that environment and having positive influences at this school led to my abilities as an artist. Being on a sports team I also experienced social facilitation because we all pushed each other to swim faster. A mixture of competitive drive and a desire for well-being is what I believe to be responsible.     Unfortunately I believe I have had more social loafing and social disruption earlier on in my life. When I started spending time with other student’s who skipped school or class all the time, I started to exhibit the same behaviors. This is an example of social loafing because we would all do minimal effort in school and agreed to spend more time together to essentially forget about our failures. A form of social disruption in my life is dating, (very unfortunate). When I meet someone for the first time I can never be myself and all that surfaces is anxiety. The anxiety comes from the experience with the other person which is why I consider it to be another social disruption. More still, the fundamental attribution error works with the social disruption to give inaccurate impressions. In other words my date may see me in a different light and make brash deliberation of my personality.  ReferencesSu, S., Pettit, G. g., & Erath, S. A. (2016). Peer relations, parental social coaching, and young adolescent social anxiety. Journal Of Applied Developmental Psychology, 4289-97. doi:10.1016/j.appdev.2015.11.007

Kay, E. M. (2015). Social Facilitation in National Basketball Association Teams.

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