Self Reflection in Industrial Organizational Psychology (Wendy Lewis only)

Write a minimum of a 750-word reflection paper on the following topic:

Compare and contrast the worst and best jobs that you have held in your career. If you do not have work experience, share volunteer or personal team experiences.

1. Using the concepts of organizational climate and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), what was the difference between the two jobs, and why did you like one job over the other?

2. How would an I-O psychologist view your best and worst jobs? Be sure to focus on I-O psychology specifically rather than focusing on psychology in general.

3. How do you believe these factors impacted your job performance? For example, were you more motivated by your favorite job than you were for your least favorite?

Format your paper with an introduction, main points, and discussion section. Make sure to use headings to organize your paper. Outside sources are not a requirement for this assignment.


Request Wendy Lewis only.

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