Consider the 10 layer model one layer at a time, and think on what threats / security vulnerabilities are present, and what associated protections you would put in place motivated by each layer. For example for layer 1 how would you protect the power, space and cooling assets? Do this for each layer of the model and document / diagram how these protections would be woven into your drone delivery system.

I have attached the 10 layer model to reference.

Background: Drone delivery services has become an innovative and emerging capability for organizations that either already have existing delivery services or are interested in creating a platform to utilize delivery services. The drone delivery service specifically is a business model that could save organizations money and provide customers with extremely fast delivery solutions. ADS is proposing an IS platform in which organizations could integrate or place on top of their existing POS system that would provide customers with the drone delivery service option. This option would allow customers to get their purchased items in a matter of minutes versus days. As a result, ADS is interested in becoming a pioneer in this market and aims to provide the fastest, safest, and most reliable drone delivery platform on the market. The new system will leverage mapping technologies from Google, positioning technologies from GPS, and real-time order handling technologies.

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