search the nytimes or wall street journal nvw spaper or news paper website for news stories that describe public health activities analyze wheter they are an example of one of the three level of prevention limit your search to the past six month in

  • Search the NYTIMES or Wall Street Journal newspaper or newspaper website for news stories that describe public health activities. Analyze whether they are an example of one of the three levels of prevention. (Do not search in professional journals for articles). Identify one story that characterizes one of the levels of prevention. You may also use a story that addresses more than one level of prevention. Limit your search to the past six months. In APA style, provide the author, the publication date, the title of the story, the author, the name of the newspaper/news source. Provide a brief summary of the story, then explain why this story meets the criterion for at least one of the levels of prevention. If you are ambitious, you can provide a justification for how the story meets more than one level of prevention.As CUNY students you have FREE access to the NYTimes and the Wall Street Journal by registering with your CUNY email address (see information below and on the Blackboard log in page). You can also access the NYTimes and/ or the Wall Street Journal through the Baruch Library using the Lexis Nexis Database. The link to the Baruch Library is in the left menu tab. Your Baruch user name and password were sent to your SPS email address the first week of class. It is different than your sps or blackboard log in credentials. If you need assistance locating it – contact the HelpDesk at HelpDesk@sps.cuny.eduAs an example – For primary prevention, I could cite:Johnson, K. (2011, August 17). School districts rediscover the value of fresh cooking. The New York Times, p. A16.Also found online as:Johnson, K. (2011, August 16). Schools restore fresh cooking to the cafeteria. The New York Times, retrieved from Analyze the story to determine if it is an example of one of the levels of prevention: primary, secondary, tertiary.Summarize the key points and impact on health.Provide a justification for why this would be an example of the identified level of prevention.Reflect on your analysisHere is an example of the justification of the above story:Justification: Cooking meals from “scratch” (unprocessed food) may reduce the children’s consumption of high fat foods that lead to obesity, thus preventing it. This qualifies as an example of primary prevention. When implemented in the poorest school district neighborhoods, where screening has identified high rates of child obesity, this could also qualify as secondary prevention – an attempt at early treatment.Newspaper sites and databases you might wish to check include:

    The Health & Science Sections on Tuesdays for both of these papers are a good place to start. However, you are not restricted to the science section. You can analyze any story that addresses a public health issue published on any day. Do not use blogs, CNN, MSNBC or other online news sources.As CUNY students – you have FREE access to both the NY Times and Wall Street Journal: may use the table provided, (attached) or create your own format.Here is the rubric to be used to grade this assignment. It is also available in t

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