revision of task 1

So I got lite up like a Christmas tree on Christmas eve. Not your fault though. Task 1 needs to be re done. Below are the comments from the Director of the Program and then I attached a word doc for my chair who tried to help give suggestions.

I also attached the main doc so you can revise.

” If you have to give a definition for a word choice in your general problem then it is a poor word choice.

failure to use proper… would that work?

That would seem to flow with your second reference.

Disparity between general and specific problem.

General says result is inability to hire right person

Specific says… (a long list of bad stuff)

Is your purpose to collect data? I thought it might be to gain understanding about the problem

There is no way this would be a quant study. There is no validated survey tool available to give you data. You would also need to survey a huge number of folks to be statistically significant.

I think this is a case study where you ask individuals questions

Discuss all of this with your chair.”

The Chair’s notes are attached

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