Based on your recent readings on poverty and income inequality, formulate a thesis statement related to some aspect of this topic and write an essay 1000 to 1500 words in length. Pay special attention to the information found in the article, actually a speech by Dr. Larry Griffin, professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, that included these statistics:

  • In 2005-06

– 13% of white Mississippians were poor (national average is 12%)

– 43% of black Mississippians are poor (national average is 33%)

  • In 2007, African Americans in Mississippi were unemployed at a rate 2 ½ times greater than whites
  • White Mississippians with a high school diploma earned $8000 per year more than equally-educated African Americans.

– White median income was $28,875.

– Black median income was $20,792.

  • White Mississippians with doctorates or other professional degrees earned $40,000 more than equally-educated African Americans.
  • – White median income for professionals was $90,189.– Black median income for professionals was $50,628.You may choose to document that an aspect of the issue exists (informational), explore causes and effects, or offer some solutions. Write a strong thesis stating your position and support it with evidence. You may use the articles I provided or other sources. If you use sources other than the common articles we share, you should include a full citation at the end. Use MLA style.

Have a classmate or friend read over your essay for a second set of eyes. Ask for suggestions to make it stronger. Revise as needed. Submit the essay to as well as here in Canvas. Your class ID# is 14311697 and password is delta.

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