review the quot program rating sheets training manual quot program rating sheets training manual read the mcneil amp binder article 2007 mcneil amp binder 2007 article for training

1) Review the “Program Rating Sheets Training Manual”: Program Rating Sheets Training Manual

2) Read the McNeil & Binder article (2007):McNeil & Binder 2007 (Article for Training)

3) Participate in online discussion with classmates about how to score the study using the rating sheets (Not Graded, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

4) Complete Ratings Sheet Part 1 for Assignment 2:

Blank Program Rating Sheet Part 1

5)Complete Ratings Sheet Part 2 for Assignment 3:

Blank Program Rating Sheet Part 2

SOME ADVICE FOR SUCCESS: Each item that gets a numeric rating also needs a NOTE below that score that explains to me that you know WHY you gave that score. (For example, the note for the item on “Instrumentation” needs to talk about why the main measures were or were not reliable and valid, not about how the study used a large sample or followed participants for 12 months post-program, etc). You will lose points for each SCORE and each NOTE that are not correct. Even if a rating is N/A, you still need to say why it was N/A for this study (e.g., Displacement).

Note also that the important outcomes (Changes to client behavior) for the Part 2 Rating Sheet are New Crime Charges and New Violent Crime Charges. Each of these is also compared in “MHC Participants” vs. “All Comparison Subjects”; and again in “MHC Completers” vs. “All Comparison Subjects.” Any other outcomes are less important.

Note also that only statistically significant effects represent program effects. If it’s not significant it doesn’t mean anything…it could be a random difference, not a program effect.

Once you’ve tried it for yourself (or if you have problems while doing it), see the completed ones that I’ve already done (green links in this section). DO NOT COPY MY WORK…THAT’S CHEATING.

6) For Assignment 4, find a recent study of your choice to evaluate. Utilize the program rating sheets (part 1&2) to assist in drawing conclusions about the study. Consider being on a committee to fund the study, would you choose to continue/discontinue funding. Use your findings from the rating sheets to support your decision.You will upload your rating sheets with your conclusion attached as well as the citation (APA format) for your chosen study.

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