responding to the discussion below dq2 maria smith

When I hear the term “Academic Integrity”, first thing that comes to mind is honesty. Some ways that I will always comply with that integrity is to take pride in my work. It might not be perfect but I can honestly say that it is all me.

By practicing it now while I am still in school I can ensure that I will carry the same attitude when it comes to taking care of my patients. I will follow hospital policies and procedures without shortcuts or hesitation. I know that I will be providing my patients with the best care possible because of what I have learned while in school.

Integrity and ethics begin with your own values. Your work is a representation of who you are and the kind of nurse you strive to be (Coffey, S., Zitzelsberger, H., & Anyinam, C. (2014).

Coffey, S., Zitzelsberger, H., & Anyinam, C. (2014). Academic integrity leads on to ethical practice. Nursing Standard, 29(4), 68. Retrieved from…

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