Research Organization and Analysis
As you do your research, you should keep organizing it in a way that makes sense. If you are using note cards, you can easily do this by putting cards into stacks that belong together. You could have a stack on fuels economy, or you could have a stack on a specific model. If you are taking notes on a computer, you could keep using copy/paste to move material around into groups.

You may want to make tables that look something like this:


Avg. Cost


Repairs (1-5)

Safety (1-5)











As you do this, you can’t help but analyze what you are reading. This will lead you to an important decision–your thesis.

The Thesis Statement
Your thesis statement will reflect the results of your research. In the case of a used car purchase, you may want to write a thesis that suggests choosing from 1-3 specific recommended models, leaving the final decision to what is actually available. In the case of electronics, TV’s, or computers, you may want to recommend a specific model at a specific store or online source.

The Research Paper
Remember that you are trying to convince your target audience that you have made the best possible decision on this project. Every effort should be made to make this work. In making this paper, consider everything you have learned this semester. That means reviewing the 6 + 1 Trait rubric.

  • Ideas and Content: Is your thesis clear? Is your research thorough enough to be convincing, or have you left out important considerations?
  • Organization: Have you brought everything together in a way that makes sense and is easy to follow, or are your ideas scattered, perhaps in the order in which you found information rather than in the way that communicates best?
  • Sentence Fluency: Do your sentences flow smoothly and make the reading interesting?
  • Conventions: Do errors in conventions distract the reader and make the audience doubt your ability to make a good decision?
  • Voice: Is your personal conviction clear, and does your personality and style shine through?
  • Word Choice: Have you used the most effective words in your presentation?
  • Presentation: You will use documentation in the MLA style that you encountered in the last unit, and you will have an MLA style Works Cited page. You do not, however, have to follow normal research paper format otherwise. This can be very much a technical writing exercise. You can (and probably should) have tables, charts, and anything else that will make your presentation effective. Just make sure that if you do anything complicated, your teacher has to have a word processing program that can read the formatting of yours. If you are doing that, please check with your teacher ahead of time.

You may want to review this resource for documenting your sources on a research paper:

Written Assignment or Portfolio EntryWritten Assignment: Rough Draft. Now, by following your outline, write your rough draft by expanding all your ideas into complete sentences and paragraphs. As you write, feel free to revise by changing the order of your information, adding more information or deleting information. Be sure to include a Works Cited page. Please be aware that a research paper generally uses clear and formal diction, so choose your wording accordingly. Submit the rough draft both to your teacher and either post it to the writer’s workshop area or send it to your designated peer reviewer. Your grade for the rough draft will be based primarily upon your effort to produce a reasonable attempt at a final product. As long as you do not simply turn in something that you have just dashed off to meet a requirement, you will receive most of the points for the rough draft.

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