Research and Psychology -Please give YOUR OPINION

Hypothesis: Are teenagers socially conditioned to need technology?



            As a psychology researcher, I would use correlation design to test my hypothesis. Correlation design is the process of testing the connection between two variables (Lilienfeld, Lynn, Namy, Woolf, 2014). I feel that society puts a big emphasis on the use of technology for communication. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, texting and emails. There was a time when this technology wasn’t available and communication was done in person or by mail. Now in order to part of the masses, you need the newest electronic or app in order to fit the norm of society. Technology as a whole has made students become reliant on technology to be sociable.



              I favor this research method because I myself can understand to the importance of technology. Take a look at us for example, we are all using technology to obtain a degree online. Correlation can give you an understanding on cause and effect; meaning how two things connect and what happens.





             One of the ways that I would test my hypothesis is going to random High Schools after obtaining permission from the principals and poll students. This would consist of a simple questionnaire form with questions such as:


·          How frequently do you use social platforms within a 24-hour period?


·          What is your preferred form of communication?


·          How often do you see the people you communicate with via technology?


·          What has been your longest period without the use of technology?




          The disadvantages of utilizing this research method is that data is collected by self-reporting (Lilienfeld, Lynn, Namy, Woolf, 2014) Students may or may not be as honest or may be reluctant to answer these questions.

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