read from page 13 until page 49 then summarize following the steps

Summarize the central argument in these pages of Getting to Yes in 90-120 words. This is likely 8-10 sentences, which is usually at least two paragraphs. In general, avoid sentence longer than 15 words because readers struggle to understand them. Using multiple paragraphs (with clear and explicit transitions/connections) also makes it easier for a reader to understand what you are trying to say.

In your summary, include one short quote from the author that clearly important to understanding the central argument you are summarizing. Be sure to integrate that quote into your summary. It is not a stand alone statement; it should be chosen to help you craft a more accurate and concise and persuasive summary. Be sure to indicate the page number for each quote. The quote is not included in the word count.

Then write your most thoughtful response to this argument (50-75 words). What surprises you about it, what seems persuasive and important, what seems incomplete or confusing?

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