read article and answer questions 15

  1. What was the major finding discovered by Project Aristotle regarding data patterns? [up to 10 points]

  2. In trying to discover what made a team successful, what was the one thing Project Aristotle consistently found identified in their research as important (hint: the answer is not psychological safety)? [up to 10 points]

  3. The article described two very different sample teams (Team A and Team B) and asks which team you would rather join. Which team would you rather join? Why? [up to 10 points]

  4. Did it surprise you which team the article suggested you should join if given the choice? [up to 5 points] Why/Why not? [up to 5 points]

  5. In studying groups, what two specific behaviors were generally shared among the teams considered “good”? [up to 20 points (10 points per behavior)]

  6. Reflect on/discuss the concept of psychological safety that is identified and discussed toward the end of the article (e.g., What does it mean?). [up to 10 points]

  7. How important do you think psychological safety is in team interactions? [up to 3 points] Why? [up to 7 points]

  8. Discuss at least two concluding thoughts, take-aways, and/or new ways of thinking about team interactions resulting from this article. For example, were there points with which you particularly agreed or disagreed? [up to 20 points (10 points per take-away)]
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