quiz 3 study guide

BACS: 232: Ethical and Professional Responsibility

Quiz 3 Study Guide

  • What is the purpose of Clinical Supervision?
  • What are the responsibilities of a clinical supervisor?
  • What are does the ACA Code of Ethics state regarding clinical supervisor and supervisee relationships?
  • What does the informed consent process in clinical supervision entail and why is it important?
  • What is multicultural supervision?
  • What are some signs of an impaired supervisor?
  • What should be included in the clinical supervision contract with supervisees?
  • What are some reasons why a counselor would refer a client for a medical evaluation?
  • What is the primary factor contributing to psychotherapy outcomes?
  • What is evidence based practice?
  • How does one become competent to work with couples and families?
  • Why would a counselor apply a “no secrets” policy when working with couples?
  • What role does diversity play in family therapy?
  • What is included in the informed consent for group therapy?
  • Groups are a catalyst for client______?
  • When are groups a powerful intervention tool?
  • What are some drawbacks to co-leadership models of group therapy?
  • What are multiple role relationships in supervision and when do these occur?
  • Why do some counselors argue against giving client’s a DSM-5 diagnosis?
  • Why should counselors have a clear understanding of the technique they employ in counseling?
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