Psychology Essay (Term paper)

Term paper:

A minimum 5-page paper* on a topic or person in psychology. The paper should be double-spaced with no more than 1-inch margins. In addition to the 5 pages of content the paper must include a reference page citing sources. Citations must be in APA format. An example of APA format will be provided.


If your paper is on a topic  it must include the following elements:An introduction to the topic.History of the topic in psychology.At least two key people who either developed theories or performed research relevant to the topic.Where the topic stands today. What is the current research, and what, if any, alternative theories challenge the topic?


If your paper is on a person  it must include the following elements:A brief biography of the person.Their key contributions to the field of psychology.How their contributions were viewed during their time and how they are viewed today.Current controversies or alternatives (if any) to the person’s contributions.A summary in your own words of the person’s importance to the field of psychology.NOTE: NO PAPERS ON SIGMUND FREUD!!!  He is overdone and it is impossible to do a good paper on him within 5 pages.


* The paper must be a minimum of five pages of original content. Quoted materials do not count toward the 5-page minimum , so use quoted material sparingly unless you are willing to write a longer paper.

Plagiarism: All sources must be cited, and when copying material directly from an original source it must be in quotes.

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