Psych HW

Need assistance in creating an outline for my paper please see attached and what I wrote below that is needed in this assignment.



Prior to writing your course paper in paragraph form, you will create an outline for your paper.  The outline should be organized similarly to the sample outline provided in the attached document.  Your outline should have an Introduction section, Body section, and Conclusion section.  The Body section should be organized according to themes you will discuss in your paper.  The scholarly sources you are using must be included in the sections in which you plan to discuss their content.

Refer to the attached assignment document for full details and grading rubric.


Please note that the sample is only a guide and does not go into much detail about certain things. Your outline should be as detailed as possible. For example, the outline says: Further introduction of your topicDefine (Symptoms of Depression)Incidence (Numbers/Demographics)Relevance (Broader Implications; Mental Health crisis)


If you are defining terms in your paper, in your outline, do not simply state “Define X, Y, and Z” in a bullet point in your outline. Instead, include definitions for those terms in your outline. The same is true for “Numbers/Demographics”. If you state that you will discuss statistics in your paper, your outline must include statistics and specific demographic information. Your instructor will want to know what information, specifically, you will include in your papers, and this is important for the following reasons:

 This will make it easier for you to write your paper before it’s due. You will have all the information in your outline! More work now means less work later!  It gives your instructors a chance to confirm that the information in the outline, which will then be used in your paper, is accurate.

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