PSY331 w3d2

For this discussion, you will produce a creative video presentation using presentation software of your choice.  Creating this presentation will also prepare you for your Week Five presentation. Your presentation must be a minimum of 2 ½ minutes long, and it may not exceed 5 minutes. 

The goal of this discussion is three-fold: First, it allows you to practice with technology in a way that encourages your mastery of the skill rather than your content focused performance, helping you to have more success in your final week.Second, it is a great way for each you to get to know each other better.Third, it introduces you to the process of metacognition in a very applicable way.

Steps to success: Familiarize yourself with screencast software. Examples might include, YouTube, or, but there are many, so use what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident while using. Searching online can help you decide.

Online software usually has tutorials, so please take a bit of time to watch one or two of these so you can feel comfortable with your decision.

For example, screencast-o-matic allows a download that many students enjoy, whereas others are fully online. See what fits your personal needs best.Once you have decided on a tool to use, create the visuals for your presentation. You can use any you are comfortable with. Suggestions might include PowerPoint, Jing, or Prezi, but this is up to you.A minimum of six slides is required.The content slides must include the elements listed below. For each of these areas, consider how/if they affect your potential to learn new things. Be certain to base your arguments on the topics you are learning about in this course and share these insights in your screencast presentation.

Required elements: Your background experiences including your first memory(ies), including both a tragedy and a victory.Your hobbies and passionsYour daily routineYour frustrations and emotional buttonsYour preferred intelligence application (refer to multiple intelligences) and how does it affect your success in learning onlineA reference slide (no audio required on this slide.)Click here to view a sample slide.

 Now, as you view your slides consider what you would want to say about each of them. Writing a script is helpful to reduce mistakes when recording your audio, but is not required. Be careful not to simply read your slides. Think about what you would want to listen to from your peers.Next, open your screencast software. Follow the instructions on the software’s tutorials to make sure that your slides are clearly visible while you add the audio.If you do not have a microphone, please plug your ear buds into this slot on your device. It will work as a microphone as well. Also consider asking friends or neighbors if they have a microphone. Asking for assistance is an important part of developing our abilities.

Once you have completed the “presentation” with audio, most software offers you several ways to “save” it. One option is providing the URL for the presentation. This is the preferred method for you submitting this discussion.The URL might look like this: last step is to copy and paste the URL link in the discussion forum and write two to three sentences describing the presentation development process and how you were able to successfully apply learning theory to this experience.That’s it. Great job!!PLEASE READ THE DIRECTIONS. I NEED SIX SLIDES. I CAN SEND YOU CHAPTERS IN MY TEXTBOOK TO HELP YOU. 

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