Part 1:


The definition of abnormal behavior has been scrutinized and redefined due to the varying perspectives and theories. The terms adaptive and maladaptive have been used to describe a continuum of behaviors from what would be functional to those that would significantly disrupt the functioning of an individual’s daily life.

 Describe the major schools of thought concerning abnormal behavior. Which one do you think is the most plausible definition based on today’s world view regarding abnormal behavior? Explain your rationale for making this choice utilizing your course and text readings. Describe the term maladaptive and how it is used in the context of abnormal psychology. Using examples, explain the difference between adaptive and maladaptive behaviors.


Part 2:


The diagnosis of a mental disorder is based on a specific set of criteria derived from case studies and research. DSM-5 provides a system of diagnosing mental disorders based on established symptoms and conditions. A diagnosis is a shorthand method to describe a set of particular symptoms for a disorder. Improper use of a diagnosis can have a negative impact when it is used to label individuals.

 Review current information on the use of the DSM-5 and explain how diagnostic criteria are used to establish a mental illness.


Describe some of the issues regarding labeling individuals with a mental disorder. Explain some ways in which the mental health field and the public in general have lessened this issue.

*** cite sources and provide references for those citations utilizing APA format.

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