psy 610

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Owing to the fact that a trial consultant does not require further certification from a governing body to practice, if fairly obvious that culminates to my chosen career direction. Looking at the O.J. Simpson case review scientific jury selection was applied leading to reach that momentous case verdict. These are some of the impetuses inspiring me to pursue this career path. On the record there is no qualifications prerequisite for any practitioner to assert that they are jury consultant, that is to say, there are hardly any authorizing requirements which would command one to pursue in order to practice this profession (Kovera & Austin, 2016). Albeit, a second degree (Master’s Degree) in social sciences will deem even sufficient to pursue this vocation. But in the same token, I am hoping to further pursue a doctorate as I get more experience in the cases I take up. A Jury consultant ought to possess at least an undergraduate degree, but a master’s degree or doctoral degree will be higher value correspondingly. I would not mind starting at the bottom with my bachelor’s degree as I climb up the career ladder. I choose this career since I have more flexibility and freedom in my initiatives, also am not totally bound by overly strict and draconian code of behavior that is evident in most professional associations (Cramer & Brodsky, 2014). However, I hope to make part of a team someday that device and implements some sort of guidelines for other up and coming jury consultants in the future. Even though the role of Psychology practice has changed over the past, to encompass a more collaborative and systematic approach; social psychology which infers an empirical enquiry of how individual’s behaviors, feelings and thoughts are impacted upon by imagined, authentic, or inferred presence of others. In this explanation, empirical denotes the scientific technique of examination. As such, my analytical skills, people skills and deductive skills gained from course work would verily assist in my career endeavors.


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