Assignment 3: Review and Research of Childhood Influences
In M1: Assignment 2, you examined an important factor contributing to a  child’s success. Now with your understanding that there are many  different areas of impact within the realms of family, peers, school,  and community, it is helpful to explore your own experience and reaction  to some of these areas of influence. It is very common for our own  experiences as a child to significantly impact our interactions with  children, if we are not first aware of our beliefs and reactions.
Based on your review of the influences of family, peers, schools, and community, respond to the following:
• Looking back at your own experiences and influences, analyze which of  these influences had the biggest impact on your own development when you  were a child or adolescent. Give reasons for your answer.
• How has this impact (for example, family or peer situation, community  influence, or school environment) been influenced by the various adults  in your life (parents, teachers, coaches)?
• Using the module readings, Argosy University online library resources,  and the Internet, research your findings further. Respond to the  following:
o Explain how your biggest influence aligns with the research.  Incorporate information from at least two academic sources to support  your statements and ideas. Academic sources could include your textbook,  required readings for this module, or academic journal articles found  in the Argosy University online library.
o Who are the major proponents (theorists past or current) of your chosen influence and how did they reach these conclusions?
• Ask two adults what or who had the most impact on them. Compare this  self-report data with your experience and your research about prominent  influences.
Write a 2–3-page paper in Word format. Be sure to include separate title  and reference pages. Apply APA standards to citation of sources,  including use of in-text citations and full references. Academic sources  could include your textbook, required readings for this module, or  academic journal articles found in the Argosy University online library


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