project portfolio proposal i am only writing part of the project only 2 paragraph

requirement of the portfolio proposal:

Overview: The second formal deliverable for the ‘EPM Team Project’ is for each team to meet and agree on an organization on which to focus. This organization must be one that has a potential business problem or opportunity that will lend to an enterprise approach to addressing it. This is to be followed by developing an ‘Enterprise Project Portfolio Proposal,’ as a team, for the proposed organization. It must align with its strategic need(s.) Each business portfolio proposal must include specific projects that will make up the portfolio; there must be one project for each member of each team. Each member of each team will take ownership of one project from its ‘Enterprise Project Portfolio Proposal.’ The ‘Enterprise Project Portfolio Proposal’ must be presented by the team in a written form using the provided TEMPLATE. The ‘Enterprise Project Portfolio Proposal,’ must not exceed three (3) pages in length (double spaced.) A cover page must be included; this is not part of the 3 page limitation requirement.

We are team of 5 peoples and planing to be Whole food China. Opening market in Shanghai, China. Professor required to each team member to do one individual part of the portfolio. Our team decided to do supply chain, hr, marketing, construction and app. I am responsible to do the Marketing part! So the work here is writing the proposal of marketing part only! Please help me write one paragraph for these two sections! (the portfolio of project and critical success factors) Please do not use outside sources. and please limit the writing because 5 projects+company intro need to limit to 3 page and double space!

The Portfolio of Projects

A one paragraph summary should be developed for each individual project within the portfolio.

This summary should represent the scope of the project. Include specific information about the goal(s) of the project, a listing of its specific deliverables and the objective measures associated with each deliverable. Each project manager (individual team member) is responsible for writing about her/his respective project.

Critical Success Factors (CSF)

A ‘Critical Success factor’ (CSF) is an element(s) that is necessary for an organization or project to achieve its mission. It is a critical factor or activity required for ensuring the success of a project. This will include:

  • What is needed to achieve success…?
  • How will success be measured…?
  • What will contribute to success…?
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