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    Skyline Preparatory High for Girls is an elite prep school with 47 faculty and staff members on the payroll. Jamie Davis, a second-year English instructor, becomes pregnant. She is not married. She is a slim woman who is not showing visible signs of pregnancy and has not told the school administrators of her pregnancy.

    In her sixth month of pregnancy, she develops pre-eclampsia, necessitating that she go on pregnancy leave immediately. Davis requests medical leave due to her pregnancy and applies for FMLA, believing that she is eligible (and because she desires to care for her baby after the baby is born). Skyline Prep’s Headmaster, Doris Jones, tells Davis that she must resign because she would be setting a poor example for the students. Davis refuses, and now Doris Jones wants to terminate her.

    You are an attorney at a New York City law firm that specializes in employment law. Doris Jones has contacted you for confidential legal advice, fearing that she may expose the school to liability.

    • What advice would you give to Skyline Prep’s Headmaster, Doris Jones?
    • How would you advise her to proceed?

    Research the laws and legal cases on the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Family Medical Leave Act using online law libraries or other Internet sources of your choice.

    Research the Internet for sources on how to make a simple video on your cell phone or computer if you are not already familiar with how to make one.

    Imagine you are speaking with Doris Jones via video chat or video conferencing.

    Produce a video of no more than five minutes that addresses the following with Doris Jones:

    • Explain the major components of both the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
    • Discuss whether Davis is protected under the PDA.
    • Discuss whether Davis is eligible for FMLA.
    • Evaluate the actions of the school in this situation. In a positive and professional way, explain to Doris Jones what the school should do to prevent an adverse situation from occurring.
    • As an attorney, what actions would you recommend Doris Jones take to resolve this situation? Discuss this in the video.
    • Conclude the video with professional closing remarks.

    Consider the organizational culture, HR training, company policies and procedures, and strategic steps that should be addressed in your response.

    Test your video to ensure your instructor can open the file or link.

    Post your assignment as an attachment, or
    provide your instructor with a link to your video.

    Note: For this assignment, students can use anything to create a video, including a cell phone. It doesn’t require any professional editing or special software. Please create a video using your computer or phone with whatever software available to you. Some tips for students is to make sure that your voice can be heard clearly, rehearse what you are going to do/say in the video before doing so, try writing a script so you have something to follow, etc.


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