political film writing analysis 03

Ticket stubs are a brief writing / response assignment designed to be 1 full pages, Toal word count: 350. The ticket stub will be submitted through a VeraCite link on canvas to check for plagiarism.. In the course of answering ONE (1) !!!!!! of the following prompts make sure to state early in your Ticket Stub what the argument of your paper is. Include evidence from the films in your answer to support your argument. Ticket Stub 3 will be due Wednesday November 28, 11:59 pm PST. Ticket Stubs are expected to present a strong overall argument identifying a specific political message from the film and use evidence from the film to support this argument while answering the prompt. If you use outside materials in the paper you MUST cite your sources. Strong answers show depth in both the identification of a specific political message as well as the identification and justification of supporting evidence.

  • Moonlight uses a narrative framing technique of dividing the film into 3 sections – each with a subtitle based on a “persona” or “nickname” given to the main character – analyze what is meant to be achieved with this framing technique and explain how it supports a larger message of the film.
  • They Live heavily relies on props for its plot development and political messaging. Identify a specific political message of the film and explain how the use of sunglasses in the film ties into or supports this message.
  • Dr. Strangelovewas shot in black in white as a choice (though there certainly were financial benefits to doing so). Identify a political message of the film and discuss how this was supported or enhanced through the black and white nature of the film (feel free to include the lighting choices made throughout the film).
  • Children of Men (2006) has a few relatively famous scenes known for being designed to be perceived by the audience as single long takes extending for multiple minutes. Explain the effect that these extended-take “one shot” scenes have on the audience and how these extended scenes tie into and/or support a larger political message of the film. Film link: https://www.dnvod.tv/play?id=0RJu%2FhdmozE%3D
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