please do this lab

Please read parts of chapter 23- , You will complete a laboratory exercise which you will find below.

The lab concerns a mine in Northern Minnesota, called POLYMET, and your job is to find out information on the proposed mine. The mine is in the final phases of getting all of the necessary permits to begin operation. A lot of people are concerned, so I would like you to research what you can find out about the mine.

You should read the part of chapter 23 that pertains to question one below AND then you should go on-line and find a Minnesota DNR website that deals with the Environmental Impact of this proposed mine (, or review/polymet) You can search other sites for information as well. Be sure you reference where you got your information.

You might also try visiting the miniing companys’ site; (gopolymet). An interesting view.

These are the questions you are to answer from your reading/research. There is a nice 9 minute video on the dnr site that overviews the mine. Check it out.

1. Describe at least three major methods of mining(from chapter 23).

2. Characterize the environmental and social impacts of the proposed Polymet mine in Northern Minnesota.(search online)

a. What kind of mine is proposed?

b. What are at least three key environmental concerns that people have concerning the mine?

c. How long with the mine operate?

d. How will the site be cleaned up/reclaimed – briefly describe the process.

3. I would like you to research the above information on the proposed mine (due to open soon) and support a stand for or against the mine. This is your opinion, based on what you have learned about the mine and the environment.

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