padm 6650 public policy analysis case study and policy evaluation logic model on the immigration policy

PADM 6650: Public Policy Analysis

Case Study and Policy Evaluation Logic Model


Provide a 3-4 page (not including the Logic Model in the Appendix) discussion of a policy problem and a proposed solution. You do not need to discuss the other policy alternatives, simply focus on a problem and your proposed solution. Note the policy tool(s) you would use to address the problem. Provide a brief analysis evaluating your solution (i.e. Is it cost effective? What are the risks? Is it politically feasible? Etc.). Be sure to draw on the concepts from the course readings.

Students will also use the logic model tool to evaluate policy alternatives (solutions) for the problem.

The logic model should include the following columns:

  • Goal
  • Objectives (strategies)
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Outcomes

The essay by McCawley (“The Logic Model for Program Planning and Evaluation”) on building logic models is also especially helpful.

Be sure to follow APA citation guidelines.

Please provide a logic Model this is very important!!!!

Heaven’s Door

Defining America: through immigration policy

A nation by design: Immigration Policy in the fashioning of America

Into should be 2-3 paragraphs introducing the topic be specific .

Agrumentative Thesis statement (Highlight the problem)

Outline what you are explaining.

Backgroud of the bill 2-3 paragraphs reference something from your logic model.

Next paragrah should be solution -Evaluate Criteria

Next should be your Conclusion.

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