overcoming nervousness is preparation

The author of this chapter says that one of the keys to overcoming nervousness is preparation. Name 2-3 barriers to your own preparation process. Keep in mind that this course is an on-line course which presents a whole host of barriers that on-ground classes may not experience. What are the barriers that you can come up with and what method, if any, do you use to overcome them?

Discussion Submission Guidelines:

Post one initial reply consisting of 5-6 quality sentences and two substantive, quality replies to other students that responds fully to their initial posts. Remember in your reply to offer insight and feedback to the student’s post.

For example: That is a really interesting response to this discussion. I wonder, have you considered that there was maybe a cultural interference with that interaction? I understand why you perceived the situation the way you did, but just to get more of an understanding, maybe we could see it from the other person’s perspective. Just like it is said in the text, our cultural backgrounds influence our interactions so much! It’d be interesting to see what role, if any, that played in this interaction.

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