option 1 case using tableau to perform exploratory analysis

The text pages are attached as well as the excel file. I tried to attach the access file but it would let me.

Complete Lab 4-2 in your text (pages 166-175), and then answer the following questions:

Q1. Using the UML diagram, identify which table(s) and attributes you will need to answer your initial question regarding amount of products sold.

Q2. If the Sales Order Date datatype had imported as number, how might that cause a problem with our analysis if we wanted to dig into the data by month, for example?

Q3. Why did your Sales Order ID attribute import as text when it looks like each field has numerical data in it? Would there be any benefit in Sales Order ID being stored as a number? Why will it not present a problem in our analysis to maintain these data as text?

Adapted from Data Analytics for Accounting (Richardson, et al., 2018, p.166)

Required: Submit all answers to the questions in a properly formatted Word document. Submit one Excel file with the tabs for each of the parts.

Your well-written paper must be 3-4 pages in addition to title and reference pages, page paper must include five references, and at least two being scholarly/peer-reviewed discovered through the CSU-Global library. The paper should be formatted according to theCSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA. Cite at least two peer-reviewed sources in addition to the required reading for the module.

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