online project power point

Hi I have my class Hospitality and tourism management accounting class. The teacher want from us to do power point about the graduation. So her instruction

This is the last project due through the online projects tab. For this project you are to create a 5-slide PowerPoint presentation. The audience for your presentation is your first work group once you graduate. Assume you are a new manager/owner/entrepreneur (you pick the place and job title), introduce yourself to your team in the first slide, and use the next four slides to convey what you think is important for them to know. What are the most important accounting topics and why? More specially, convey how this new work group, which you are leading, can benefit from the accounting topics. You are not tasked with teaching a specific quantitative technique (although you could) as much as using the 4 slides to talk about your own quantitative perspective and philosophy. What you want the employees to hear is up to you, entirely. Just make sure you are not copying anything directly from the textbook, and that you limit your PowerPoint slideshow to 5 slides – an introductory slide and four slides about accounting. Submit your Powerpoint slide show as a slide show or as a pdf of the 5 slides. Click on the underlined title of the assignment and attach your file.

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