This is a group work, and even member did their part on this final project, and the professor wants every member in the group to write about what heshe did.

I attached the general outline of our duties for this social action project, it has three names and every name has their duties, and I would like you to write about the duties for (Madhawi) that is in red color.

Also, I attached one of the group’s member paper(her personal assessment) to have an idea how to write this paper. ( we are one group and doing the same project but different role).

– We met as group on Friday April 07 at 5:00pm in person.

I attached the outline for this project and Gantt chart just to review it and have an idea about the project. my name is (Madhawi).


This is what the professor wants us to cover in this paper:

write a document in which you describe how you have been performing within the group, and Be sure to review the Project Outline and Gantt chart you you did before.

This document should be a frank assessment of your performance as it relates to benchmarks and milestones for which you are responsible. Therefore, in your assessment include the date, time and format which your group used to meet (conference call, in person, Skype etc). Since each group member will be submitting their performance assessment, it will be obvious from the submissions if the group has not met to review the group progress as a whole.

The grading for this assignment (worth 50 points) will be as follows:

1) Completeness of response: covers all of the items mentioned in the assignment description above (20 points)

2) Identification of benchmarks and milestones: presents specific benchmarks and milestones and includes relevant assessment (20)

3) Organization of document: effort is exerted to organize the assessment components in a manner that is easily understandable and meaningful (10)

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