Oklahoma State LPC Credentialing Research Paper


State Credentialing Board Research Project Instructions


Directions: The purpose of this project is to help you become familiar with the credentialing and regulatory processes that will govern your practice as a counselor.

You should select the state of Oklahoma in which you currently reside.  Information regarding credentialing in the state you have selected can be gathered in one or more of the following ways. (These are options. You are not required to do all three of these.)

1.      (Preferred) Reviewing the content of the state credentialing board website.

2.      Attending a public meeting of the state credentialing board.

3.      Interviewing a member of the state credentialing board.

Note: Please do not contact the board to get this information as most likely they will not get back to you in time to complete this assignment.

State Credentialing Board Research Project Paper

Using the information you gathered, write a 1,250-1,500-word paper on your state credentialing board. Include the following in your paper:

1.      Identifying information about the state board (name, location, etc.)

2.      Mission of the state board

3.      Regulatory authority and scope (cite the statutes and rules that govern the board’s activities, describe the discipline(s) regulated by the board, and describe the scope of the board’s authority to regulate professional practice)

4.      State board/committee structures through which the board performs its functions (committee names and responsibilities, frequency of meetings, topics included on board/committee agendas, and composition of board and committees)

5.      Summary of the requirements for licensure or certification in the state

6.      Description of the credentialing/licensing process, including the kinds of information reviewed to establish an applicant’s eligibility for certification or licensure for differing tier levels, and the typical number of applications processed per month

7.      Description of the complaint process, from the initial receipt of a complaint to its final adjudication, and the typical number of complaints processed per month. What are some of the disciplinary outcomes cited? (Review the meeting notes to obtain this information).

8.       Explain how the board refers legal issues that they cannot address to the appropriate agencies. If this information is not available, please describe the efforts you made to access it.   


Details of the Paper


Include at least one reference for the board site in your paper.


The Writing Suggestions document provides further suggestions for writing a quality paper.


Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.




This benchmark assignment assesses the following competencies:

 1.3: Demonstrate knowledge of requirements for licensure and certification for the practice of professional counseling.2.2: Examine legal and professional ethical standards of professional counseling.5.1: Differentiate between tiered levels of licensure or certification for professional counselors.


Grading Rubic
Paper identifies a specific state in which the student plans to practice. Provides thorough information about the state’s licensure/certification board as specified in the assignment. Provides thorough, relevant references. Student illustrates advanced understanding of how the information applies to the career of a counselor.

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