Observations and Interviews(WK-5-DQ-1) (6-12-18)

  Observations and Interviews

Discussion instructions:

The four methods covered this week for measuring personality include observations, interviews, checklists, and rating scales. For this assignment, focus on the use of observations and interviews as you create a posting that includes the following elements: comparisons and contrasts on the use of observations and interviews in assessing personality, which can include the types, strengths and weaknesses, reliability, validity, ethical concerns, or demographic issues of each method;  explanation of when one of these methods might be preferred over the other; and  explanation of the clinical judgment issues that might play a role in using these methods to assess personality.

Be sure to put all information in your own words, cite accordingly, and include a list of references used in APA format. Your post should be at least 300 words. 

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