nurs 3315 discussion 5 400 to 500 words

Week 5

Culture and Healthcare
Learning about culture is interesting and fun…but how does that relate to
assessment? This is a HOLISTIC health assessment class, and we want you to be
able to consider the whole patient, including cultural aspects. How will knowing
about culture be important to the nurse? This week, on the discussion board, locate
a professional article from the UTA library website or from Google Scholar, from the
last 5 years, that addresses cultural beliefs and health care in some way.
Summarize/paraphrase the article, cite it according to APA standards, and then put
the reference at the bottom of the page. This should be done in no more than 2 – 3
paragraphs. COPY and PASTE your work into an entry on the discussion board—
opening attachment after attachment quickly becomes tedious. Entitle the
discussion entry with your name and the subject, for example: “Doe, Jane: Preterm
birth and culture”.

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