Neurotransmitter Transporters As Targets Of Drug Action

Please explain how they work. This is a paper I am going to contribute in a group assignment. This is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner online program. I will attach the instructions for the entire project. The section I am responsible for is “How it works”. Thank you
Week 2 Discussion 1: Groups Work on Stahl Readings Presentation

Value: Graded in Week 3 with Submission

Due: Create your initial post by Day 5, and reply to your classmates by Day 7.

Note: In this discussion, you will be able to view the posts of other groups, however only reply to members within your group.


Note: You will be assigned into a group via the course announcements page.

For this discussion, you will work with a group of peers to discuss topics from the readings, distill pertinent information, and create a presentation for the other classmates.

Follow these steps

1. Each group will receive one of the following randomly assigned topics from the Stahl readings.

· Signal Transduction Cascades (Group 1)

· Neurotransmitter Transporters As Targets of Drug Action (Group 2)

· G-protein linked Receptors As Targets of Drug Action (Group 3)

· Ligand-gated Ion Channels As Targets of Drug Action (Group 4)

· Voltage-sensitive Ion Channels As Targets of Drug Action (Group 5)

2. Connect with the peers in your small group discussion board and set up a time to have a call (feel free to use Zoom for this purpose).

3. In your call, determine how your group will summarize the information and present the information for your assigned topic.

4. Each group will create a summary of deliverables (what each group member is responsible for) and submit it to Week 2 discussion forum by Day 7. Include description of what each group member will be working on.

5. Each group will then create a PowerPoint presentation with audio on each slide on their topic. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following:

· What is the topic?

· Summarize how it works

· What are the factors that can modulate its actions? Ie-agonist spectrum, PAM, NAMS, etc.

· How is it relative to psychopharmacology?

6. When the group presentation is complete, upload it to the Week 3 Discussion 1: Group Presentation on Stahl Readings.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded.

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