music reflection and analysis

Two parts: Relfection and Analysis. Both should be over 500 words with quotes from the reading.

Music Reflection prompt

Please address all of the following prompts:

To start, what is your relationship with hip hop? Are you a big fan, an occasional listener, never listen at all? Why do you listen or not?

Next, how do your reasons for listening or not align with Kristine Wright’s description of what hip hop was, is (at least at the time the article was written in 2011), and can or should be?

Finally, please give us your thoughts on Wright’s discussion of the cost of black rage as entertainment; please combine both Wright’s thoughts (again, from 2011) and yours based on your observations of hip hop in 2019.

Please make sure that you provide your thoughts on the topic and prompts, rather than summarizing the author. While you are required to quote from the reading, this is in support of your views.

We are seeking brief (500 words) but thoughtful reflections.

Music Analysis prompt

Please watch Childish Gambino’s video, This is America (Links to an external site.)
Minimize Video
( please note that there are some disturbing images in the video). You can find the lyrics here (Links to an external site.) .

While you are welcome to look at one or two of the myriad videos and websites that take a stab at explaining the profusion of images (and please reference if you do), we would like for you to analyze the video based on your observations; there are no right or wrong “answers”.

While there are no required prompts for this analysis, some things to consider might be:

  • What is the overall message of this video?
  • What images struck you as particularly interesting/powerful, and why did they do so?
  • What specific criticisms does this video offer on American society?
  • What do you think Kristine Wright might say about this song/video?
  • As always, please remember to analyze rather than to recount the video.

We are seeking a brief (500 words) but thoughtful analysis (again, please do not simply summarize the clip). You will again quote from the week’s article.

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