museum visit essay 1

Museum Visit Essay

The submission of a paper is an important part of the critical analysis and interpretation WITH FEEDBACK process. This paper is associated with visiting a museum…your choice of museum.

Museum Visit: In a narrative format, the paper should contain the following elements:

  • Define and Identify: Brief information about the museum and the works it contains. Identify which social angle(s) are most strongly associated with this experience.
  • Experience and Appreciation: For example, how did you learn about this museum what made you select this museum, what about this museum speaks to you. Include photo evidence of your visit…you MUST be in the photo.
  • Observe and Analyze: For example, how are other visitors engaging in or reacting to the museum or works in the museum. What did you learn from talking with other visitors or from readings on the internet about the impact of this museum on the community…local, national, global?
  • Critique and Compare: Compare your museum to other museums you have visited or you have learned about. Consider the impact of the museum on a particular social angle and/or the evolution of the media. Consider the impact of experiencing the museum on your general outlook on the medium or appreciation of art.

The rubric for this paper is in the syllabus and should be reviewed closely. College-level writing and mechanics are expected; however, the purpose of this assignment is to move from experiencing art to analyzing art to evaluating art. Papers should be between 1500 and 1600 words and adhere to MLA guidelines. Plagiarism will be reported to university officials and will result in an FF. Make sure to cite EVERY reference in a “References” page at the end of the paper, if applicable

FORMAT: Double space your papers, include a word count at the end, include a title page, include a references page, use MLA.

You must upload a scan or image of proof that you visited a museum or attended a live performance.

EXAMPLE: Here are pdf files containing a museum visit essay from a previous semester. While these essays may not have earned 100%, they definitely earned an “A” and should help give you an idea of what is expected. NOTE: The student names are blacked out.

Museum visited: USF Museum of Art (

Photos of the my visit of the museum are in a zip file attached (except the photo of me being there, I’ll attach later by myself).

Visitors of the museum were mostly old people and the just chill and enjoy the sponge video sections.

Samples of A-grade for this paper are attached also besides the rubric.

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