mba healthcare adminstration medical ethics in end of life

Must be Graduate Level with Native English

8 to 10 page paper in APA format with cited research

5-6 Soucces cited.

End- of -life issues are one of the top ethical and legal issues that health professionals will face in the 21st century.

We have discussed physician assisted suicide and palliative care in Module 3

The Signature Assignment will analyze the concept of end-of- life decisions and care.

Discuss laws in the state of Flordia regarding end -of decisions and care (SLO1).

Discuss the laws regarding declaration of death (uniform declaration of death)

Discuss the laws regarding Organ Donation (uniform Anatomical Gift Act)

Discuss consent in end-of-life decisions and care (SLO7)

Whether healthcare ethics or institutional review boards participate in end-of –life decision and care issues (SLO2)

Discuss the role of government including HIPAA (SLO5 and SLO6) in end-of-the life decisions and care.

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