masters level outline and annotated bibliography

outline is due Sunday but annotated bibliography isn’t due until Wednesday so will extend time for bibliography

**see attached rubrics and instructions as well as what is noted below

This outline should be “more” than what you typically think of as an outline. It needs to be very detailed and complete, enough so that all you should have to do (besides address any corrections or suggestions I make) is turn the items in the outline into complete sentences and paragraphs; all the facts and ideas should be present. Each main section should be a Roman numeral; all thoughts pertaining to that Roman numeral should be capital letters (see APA formatting for outlines). Do not use bullet points; use conventional outline formatting. You also want to be very specific related to the population (elementary school children, perhaps even specific grades, in a school or school district; adults aged 40-60 who are patients at XYZ primary care practice; etc.). Also, be very specific with your intervention; tell me exactly what you’re going to do. If you’re going to teach – what are you going to teach and how? Handouts, etc…these need to be appendices. You’ll need statistics and data to tell me why this population is important – why should it receive my grant money? Also, your references should include similar research studies…has anything worked with this population in the past? Can you use anything out of these studies that may help your intervention be successful? When looking the QSEN competencies for graduate nurses, which ones are met with this intervention, and how? Lastly, the evaluation methods need to be two-fold: 1) how will you assess/evaluate whether your intervention has worked? What data do you need to collect and when? Who will be responsible for collecting this data; and 2) how will you evaluate the actual intervention? What would you change? When will you evaluate the intervention and what data will you need?

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