management of innovation in the creative industries


Reflexive blog

Your blog should reflect on your developing understanding of creative business management theory and practice. It is an opportunity for you to record your thoughts and ideas about topics covered in workshops. The post should demonstrate your engagement with issues covered in workshops and in your reading.

You should aim to provide evidence of your engagement with additional relevant material drawing on the case studies presented in class as well as on cases from your own research (e.g. newspaper articles, websites, podcasts, texts you have read) and attempt to note down key ideas / concepts and track their development. You should also think about how you can support the ideas in our blog posts with pictures, relevant videos (e.g. maybe an interview with a creative worker) and charts. You should use the reflective journal to discuss in depth one of the topics covered in this module (total length of your blog should be 1000 words).

The blog may contain:

• Your reflections on the subject of the workshops.
• Your reflections on module key readings and other texts from the reading list.
• References to cultural and creative industry debates on the specific notion of innovation in newspapers and academic journals, and your observations on these debates and their relation to issues covered in the module.
• Your thoughts and feelings about workshop activities and discussions, etc.
• Your reflections on any observations or experiences that relates to your developing thoughts.

Remember to reference your sources using Harvard, but be creative, too! You can experiment by including links, images, film clips etc. in your posts.

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