A suspect is captured at a shopping center’s parking lot wearing a ski mask and matching the general description of the rapist given in the primary scenario. He now awaits trial on 6 counts of rape.* His defense attorney is arguing that his client (who is considered mentally challenged) is too intellectually deficient to be the culprit. The defense attorney argues that the absence of DNA, fingerprints, and other evidence shows that a much more intelligent perpetrator must have committed these crimes.

InstructionsGiven your role as chief investigator for this case, answer the following questions in a PowerPoint presentation (4–6 slides) that you will deliver to the court in response to the defense attorney’s arguments:What facts do you try to establish to link the offender to these crimes?What evidence do you have linking the offender to the crimes? What testimonies do you have linking the offender to the crimes?Please note that the suspect will not confess to these crimes.

*Please note: The criminal statutes that address rape or sexual assault often vary according to jurisdiction. These statutes may use different terms for the offense, such as ‘rape’ or ‘sexual assault’ and may even include different acts in their definitions of the crime than other jurisdictions. Please assume that this scenario takes place in a jurisdiction (such as Illinois, Nevada, or South Dakota, among others) in which the acts of the serial rapist could properly be charged as rape or sexual assault.

Please submit your assignment.

Part II: Child Molesters Presentation

You are to make a presentation for a parents’ group meeting at the local school.You will make a presentation on child molesters and give preventative strategy advice for the children to protect themselves against child molesters.Create a PowerPoint presentation (4–5 slides) for this meeting with speaker notes (at least 150 words per slide).Your presentation should include the following information:Identification of Child MolestersWhat is a child molester?Who is likely to be a child molester? (M.O)What are the types of molesters?Expert InsightAddress misconceptions that parents have about child molesters.Address the facts about child molesters.EffectsWhat statistics have you found in molestation studies that would help educate parents/children?WarningsWhat signs can parents/children look for if child molestation is occurring in their community? Prevention StrategiesHow should parents talk to their children about child molesters?What laws protect children from predators?What types of campaigns might be out there to educate children/parents about child molesters? 

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