macroecnomics question

we can see how fiscal/monetary policy can adversely or positively affect the laws of aggregate demand and aggregate supply. The rationale is that public policy, as set forth by either the President or Congress, or the Federal Reserve can have immediate and lasting impacts on the overall health of the U.S. economy through the aggregate demand and aggregate supply curves. For instance, a tax-cut proposal could essentially put more discretionary income into the hands of consumers, and increase spending levels, thus shifting out the aggregate demand curve, and expanding growth.

You do not need to draw a graph but do need to pick one policy platform and explain how it could affect total output, prices, etc.,

We have seen unemployment rates fall, real GDP growth rates rise, during the period of time President Trump has been in office; however, we have seen some negative items taking place as well (protectionist tariffs, etc.,) so you do need to graph this item but please do pick one platform and discuss how it will impact either positively or negatively the aggregate demand or aggregate supply curve, and why.

The latest midterm elections should also give you some ideas on what to discuss and write in this forum as well. Perhaps these ideas have not been brought forth yet but you can discuss what ramifications they may have on the macro goals.

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