lecture supporting families

Based on the Chapter 2 reading assignment and the Chapter 2 Lecture, Supporting Families Around the Issues of Attachment and Trust, provide 3 or more key points that you feel are invaluable as a parent, potential teacher, potential therapist or practicing teacher. State why.

2. Read the information provided in the Attachment Disorder Help Guide. Following, Google or browse for information regarding the Orphaned Children of Romania and Attachment Disorder if you have not done so prior to taking this class. The images of the children who were socially, emotionally and physically neglected are disturbing. The neglect of the Romanian orphans of the ’90s continues to plague the Romanian society to this day. This information will help you to deeply understand what is meant by Attachment Disorder on a broader spectrum. Following, provide a one-paragraph overview of what you have learned about Attachment and Attachment Disorder.

3. View, The Body’s Most Fascinating Organ ~ The Brain by Dr. Bruce Perry. Note: I recommend that you view this video before answering question #2. It may provide you with deeper insight in regard to Attachment. A. Please provide the most valuable information that you gained from this video. B. How will you take what you have gained and turn it into a “parent education initiative” whether as an advocate, a parent yourself, a child care provider or a teacher? Establish your vision and eventually, your dream of helping others will come to fruition.

4. View the Video, Six Core Strengths for Healthy Child Development by Dr. Bruce Perry. Following, read the article, Six Cores of Strengths by Dr. Bruce Perry. A. Why or why not do you believe the Six Cores of Strengthhave value for teachers, parents and/or children. B. How would you use the Six Cores Strength as a potential or practicing teacher or therapist?

5. Read the article, “Easing the Separation Process for Infants and Toddlers. Note: This article focuses on Separation Anxiety which is far less serious than Attachment Disorder.However, Separation Anxiety occurs every day in child care, preschool programs and kindergarten classrooms throughout America. We must first understand and appreciate a child’s attachment to their primary caregiver before we can fully understand why a child experiences Separation Anxiety. What did you learn from this article that will help you support parents/guardians and their children who are experiencing Separation Anxiety?

6. Share, with your classmates, your A-Ha moments from this class thus far.

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