leadership style with Director

Please read carefully First. NO PLAGIARISM, MUST be ORIGINAL. Turnitin will be checking the answer.

Write a 2-4 page research paper summarizing what you learned from an in-depth interview with a Senior Director.

You will interview a Senior Director for an understanding of his/her leadership development and style. Although position and titles may vary, this person should have experience as a leader of a department, team, or organization.

During your interview, identify this person’s leadership style. Points to consider are the social and cultural aspect of the organization. How has the person’s gender affected his or her style? What has this person learned related to the management of employees and how to interact with them?

In addition to the five questions below, develop two additional questions to ask during your interview: What kind of organizational efforts have you made to ensure a commitment to the diversity initiative or value? How do culture and other factors affect the social organization of your organization? How do culture and other factors affect your leadership? What are some of the common challenges that you might face when working in a diverse community? Does your organization have clearly defined objectives and strategies for addressing gender inequities?

You will report the responses to the above questions, including the two you develop. Then, summarize what you learned about the effects of gender and culture on leadership style. Describe the interview’s effect on your understanding of leadership development within the social dynamics of the workplace. Include at least two references from the text or scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

You must include at least two sources. Your text can be used as one of your sources.  

Writing Requirements and Guidelines

Your Assignment should include: Cover page Provide your name, title of assignment, course and unit number, and date Body Name, title, and organization of Senior Director Questions with respective responses Describe effects of interviewee’s gender and culture that could influence his/her leadership style Describes the social aspects of the interviewee’s workplace environment and its impact on the style of leadership that he/she have found most successful. Conclusion Reference list Sources in the appropriate citation format You must use at least two sources

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