its due on march 1 before 12pm

Grab 5 sources that relate to your Visitation Report location. (SEE SYLLABUS FOR MORE INFO) They must contain enough information for you to use. These maybe any type of resource.

Fill out Research Form;

  • This assignment is to help you gather notes for your report. Choose quotes you think will help. You never know!
  • There are 5 sections, you must fill out all 5 sections.
  • At the top of the page list your topic and your new updated thesis. This will help you to focus on your report. Gathering correct information now will help keep things organized down the line.
  • In each section,
    • Write the resource using the bibliographic format.
    • Write what the resource is about
    • On the lines, write 3 direct facts or quotes from the resource
    • Make sure to include page #s. If quote is longer than the lines provided, continue quote at bottom of hmwk.
    • Use number and letter to indicate location. E.g. “2c continuation:”
  • Repeat the process for all 5 sections
  • You may use the word document I created or you may create your own document.
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