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e a doctor. That was when my grandmother died. My grandmother got a disease, the result went to the hospital, did not treat well. So at that time my grandmother died. Because of this, I want to be a very, very famous doctor, can treat any disease, then. No one in the family would ever get sick again. Even if you get sick, you can cure it. No one in the family gets sick, and it can be cured. Home is very good. When a doctor is not only to see family members sick, but also to help others, see a doctor for others, so that people are healthy.

There are many advantages to being a doctor. If there are no doctors in the world, more people will get sick. A doctor is like a magician who can refresh and improve a person who is seriously ill. Want to realize this great wish, is also difficult, to accumulate over a long period of time, good good study these medical skills. You can’t rise to the top in one fell swoop.

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