in interpersonal communication

Do the following:

PART 1 (1000-1500 words)

Find three people to observe, with particular attention being paid to their nonverbal communication and what those cues suggest about them. You should draw their own conclusions about the questions/characteristics listed below for each person being observed.After making note of what is perceived to be true, you should make an introduction with the person being observed and confirm the recorded perceptions. You should then make note of the accurate response to each question/characteristic, along with their reactions to the perception confirmation.Included in reactions should be some indication of why the initial perception was made.

The worksheet for each person (nonverbal cafeteria activity.doc) being observed should be turned in, along with a summation report (one to two paragraphs) that crystallizes the your reflections on the exercise, including how it impacted his/her tendencies to draw conclusions about people based on language choices.

PART 2 (250-500 words)

Answer this: In what ways has social networking changed how you approach and/or understand the evolution of relationships in your life?

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