ifsm 201 windows server install and storage research paper


ADDITION Instructions:

A complete description of the research paper requirements can be seen by clicking on the “Research Paper” in the Assignments tab on the top blue navigation bar. You will download the attached requirements file. The second file (“Using the References tool…”) provides additional help on including citations and references in your paper. However, there is a great list of resources found under the Content/Course Resources/Writing Resources link in this classroom. Of particular note is the file titled “APA Requirements for IFSM Courses.” There are also citation examples, a sample paper. and help with grammar, etc.

The ability to communicate effectively is a critical skill for all students and is required for success in the workplace. UMUC has a variety of resources to help students. The Effective Writing Center is available through the “Resources” link on the Navigation bar. A small tutorial on how to use the references tools on a PC and on a Mac are included in the assignment link. You are strongly encouraged to avail yourself of these resources. Your writing abilities will be graded as part of the assignments

1. Paper Mechanics: – Title page included – Arial 12-point font used – Margins set at 1” – Body of the paper is 3-5 pages (not counting title page and References page) -text is double spaced –

5 elements

Title Page included
Paper body:
Arial 12-point font
Margins set at 1″
Text is double spaced
3-5 pages in length

2. Citations and complete References list

4 elements
At least three (3) citations in correct APA format.

Every citation has a matching entry in the references list.

All references listed are cited in the body of the paper.

References list is on a separate page

3. Two informational footnotes

At least two (2) correctly constructed informational footnotes included.

4. Writing Mechanics. Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation and proper use of direct quotes. Each section has heading in bold

There are no grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors

Direct quotations are less than 10% of total paper content

Each section has bolded heading

5. Introduction Identify the issue, explain why was the topic selected and what you are trying to achieve (what is your end goal). The introduction should not be more than half a page.

4 elements
Title of section included
Issue is clearly described
purpose of the paper is described
Introduction not more than 1/2 page in length

6. Issue Define the issue or idea. Define the specific problem or problems or new idea. Identify other underlying or related issues as well as dependencies. Explain what impacts will result if not addressed.

3 elements

The issue or new idea is fully described
Underlying causes or related issues and dependencies are identified
Impacts resulting from no action being taken addressed.

7. Findings Identify research or class material related to your topic. Summarize your findings and what they contribute to the study of the issue or idea. Sources must be identified in citations and the related References list.

3 elements

Research findings are summarized in this section

Impact of research findings and their contribution to this study identified.

Sources identified in citations and the related References list.

8. Solutions/actions

Suggestions or courses of action are clearly defined.

Analysis of potential effectiveness of solutions or actions identified.

9. Conclusion Summarize the conclusions of your paper.

Summary captures the issue, proposed solution/actions and potential impacts of those actions on the issue.

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