identify and articulate key concepts of one of the following

*Please note that in NR531 students must use at least three scholarly sources and keep all assignments to a maximum of three pages, excluding the title page and reference list.


The purposes of this assignment are to: (a) identify and articulate key concepts of one of the following: either your future pathway to excellence or your shared-governance model you wish to initiate at one of the three areas: 1. Saint Louis Medical Center (SLMC)/community or critical access hospital, 2. Home health/community transition, or 3. Long term care/skilled nursing facility (SNF) or memory care (CO 5), (b) provide empirical, scholarly evidence to support your proposed project (CO 4), and (c) communicate your information in a clear, succinct, and scholarly manner (CO 5).

Note: You are completing this assignment as if you are the nurse executive. You are to decide whether you wish to focus on implementing your pathway to excellence or a shared governance model. You will choose one of the areas to implement either your pathway to excellence or your shared governance model. What elements would like to adopt and implement for your organization?

Course Outcomes

Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to:

(CO4) Apply the use of research in the evaluation of healthcare outcomes, utilizing critical thinking skills, and interprofessional research strategies. (PO4)

(CO5) Examine effective verbal and written communication; utilizing communication skills of the professional role to promote and improve quality and safety in healthcare. (PO1, 2, 5)
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St. Louis Medical Center (SLMC)


SLMC is dedicated to providing access to quality healthcare in a supportive and caring environment with an unyielding devotion to excellence, safety and an unequaled passion and commitment to ensure outstanding healthcare that optimizes the quality of life for those we serve.


SLMC will be a national leader for excellence and innovation in developing and delivering the highest quality of the next generation of consumer-driven healthcare; focus on our patients as individuals and provide healthcare experiences that are tailored and personalized to meet their physical, psychosocial, emotional, and/or spiritual needs.

DM 8/22/2013

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